Volunteer Of the Month


Most non-profits rely on volunteers to help out, and The Rogue is no exception. We have dozens of talented energetic folks who give generously of their time to make our concerts the smoothly running operations that they are. We've instituted this new feature so that you can learn a bit more about the wonderful people that greet you at the door or sell you a beverage or raffle ticket when you come visit us at The St. James Hall.

Here's our first profile for you.

Monica Jones.


Where were you born:

I was born in a small hospital in Milden, Saskatchewan and grew up on a grain farm at Zealandia, Saskatchewan.


How long have you lived in Metro Vancouver?

I’ve lived in Vancouver for 29 years, though not continuously, moving away and coming back, the last time for 22 years now.


How long have you been volunteering?

For 7 years. After attending many concerts, at the WISE Hall and St. James, I started volunteering after I stopped working and had more time.


What is your favorite volunteer position?

I enjoy working the table at the door, selling tickets and greeting concert goers as they arrive.


What inspired you to volunteer at The Rogue?

Music helps to keep me sane, pure and simple. Music adds so much to my everyday life, whether in the car or at home. And live music has that extra special dimension, in-the-moment, experience.


Who is your favourite musician who has played at The Rogue?

There are far too many to name, but I will try. Jeffrey Foucault is right up there. His albums are in heavy rotation in our house. Then there is Lynn Miles. I drop everything when she comes to town. And I have great appreciation for artists like Stephen Fearing and James Keeleghan, who keep coming back to The Rogue, where they got some of their first exposure in Vancouver.


What else do you do in your spare time (besides come to Rogue shows)?

From March through October I spend lots of time at our community garden, growing vegetables and fruit, and preserving some of it. We encourage gardeners to donate produce to the food bank and I am the liaison for that. I also enjoy creative writing and photography. When there are actions in the streets, like the Women’s March in reaction to the current U.S. President or concerning Murdered and Missing Aboriginal Women, I try to be there.


Anything else to share with our Rogue community?

The Rogue is a vital part of the community. I like being part of this group of wonderful people that bring great music to Vancouver. At a price people can afford. And I love it when I hear music from someone new to me. There is nothing like live music for the soul.


Please check this page often. It is our plan to feature a new volunteer each month. And if YOU would like to volunteer for the Rogue, contact our Crews Controller Brian Jones at volunteer@roguefolk.bc.ca.