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Sunday April 5, 2009

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Hi everyone

On Monday April 6th we will have ten large bus shelter ads advertizing our April In Paris festival. They are at the following locations and will be displayed from April 6th to 27th. If anyone would like to take a photo of any of these ads in situ that would be much appreciated. Please email your photos to me. We will try to put them on the website, so feel free to stand beside the ad if you wish!

  1. West 61st Avenue and Angus St. (northbound)
  2. Boundary and Kitchener St. (southbound)
  3. Boundary and Regent St. (northbound)
  4. East 6th Ave. and Commercial Dr. (northbound)
  5. Commercial & Venables (southbound)
  6. West 41st Ave and Dunbar St. (northbound)
  7. Dundas St. & Templeton St. (westbound)
  8. Hastings & Nanaimo (westbound)
  9. Boundary and East 22nd Ave. (westbound)
  10. East 41st Ave. & Clarendon St. (eastbound)

Thursday, April 9th 8pm VOCO & The NO SH!T SHIRLEYS St James Hall (3214 West 10th Ave) Tickets: $20 ($17 members)

A night of truly spectacular acapella roots music. It will be so good you'll need the day off the next day. That's OK, it's been arranged! It's Good Friday.

Stompin' rebel-harmony with cello & banjo: Original songs steeped in Appalachia & Eastern Europe. Moira Smiley & VOCO sing powerful, emotional music with lush harmony and the delicious vaudevillian combo of cello, accordion and banjo. Named #1 acappella band in the U.S. in 2007, Moira Smiley & VOCO' s 2008 Live EP "Circle, Square, Diamond & Flag" received a national NPR feature and rave reviews. The title refers to Shape Note Singing, which is featured on the CD. This is a truly phenomenal act, combining the energy of urban street singing with first-rate musicianship and folk roots. Some of you may have seen them at last Summer's Mission Folk Music Festival, or earleir last year at Heritage Hall on Main Street.

VOCO is: Moira Smiley, Jess Basta , Jessica Catron and Christine Enns. They create post-folk, improvisation-built songs while digging into old Americana and Eastern European sounds. Sprinkled throughout their songs are rompin' stompin' body percussion sets - always a show-stopping pleasure. Joyous, magnificent, hair-raising harmonies