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Wednesday April 27, 2011

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Hi everyone

Thanks for the overwhelming response to my cry for help yesterday! It looks like we have found all the accommodation and transportation and equipment that we need for this weekend.

Now all we need is for you to come down to St. James Hall to join in the festivities!

We have six of the best Django-style bands on the planet - four of them from our own neck of the woods, one from Quebec, and one based in the USA. There will be three exhilarating concerts, some dance classes, hands-on workshops in guitar and fiddle from some of the most celebrated musicians around, plus a wine-tasting (subject to confirmation) and our traditional Parisian-style sandwich bar / bistro.

There will also be a Silent Auction for a number of items, notably a Saga Cigano Gypsy-style Student Guitar, valued at around $550, donated by the good folks at Prussin Music on West Broadway.

Celebrated luthier Michael Dunn will have a display of his custom-built guitars throughout the weekend.

Full details of the festival are in the April In Paris Booklet

Tune in to CBC Radio North By Northwest on Saturday morning when I'll be Sheryl McKay's guest again - sorry, not sure about the time. We're taping it tomorrow.

Then switch over to CiTR fm 101.9 (streamed live on for The Edge On Folk on Saturday from 8am to noon. I'll have some surprises!

Apologies for not always getting to the phone this week. I keep getting a recurrence of that nasty cold and I'm trying to get over it for the weekend. If the information you need isn't on the website - or you're having trouble finding / buying tickets - just come to the April In Paris events and we'll work something out. Or email me. The only other thing you may need to know is that the Sunday concert is worth two numbers / squares on your Parcel O'Rogues. And it starts early. 5pm.

See you at The Rogue
a bientot!