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Friday December 23, 2011

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Hi everyone

Merry Christmas / Happy Solstice / Hannukkah etc

1. The Edge On Xmas, Saturday 9am to noon on CiTR

I'll be hosting my annual Christmas Radio Show on CiTR fm 101.9 tomorrow morning from 9am to noon (not the usual start time of 8am) and there will be heaps of festive music and some new tunes / fave albums of the year to spice things up a bit. Please join me on Xmas Eve for 3 hours of seasonal roots music - and more! On CiTR fm 101.9, Shaw Cable 88.5fm, Telus TV Channel 3717, or streamed online on

2. Last-Minute Gift Ideas

I have just made a few very special Rogue Calendars for 2012, featuring photos from concerts in 2011. Plus dates of Rogue shows in 2012 and festival dates and such. If you would like one for a Christmas Gift please email me today. I could conceivably deliver one if you live within a five mile radius of Granville Island - or you could swing by here this evening. They are very lavish and I'm very proud of them. The cost is $25 (they are a limited edition, not a mass-produced job-lot.) they are quite large, too. You may have seen ones I've made in previous years. Spiral-bounc, 33cm w x 27cm h, with full colour photos of David Bromberg, Jim Byrnes, Oh Susanna, Garnet Rogers, The Outside Track, Genticorum, and many more.

You might also wish to purchase a Parcel O'Rogues ticket bundle (10 shows for $149, 20 shows for $269, or even 30 shows for $389!) and add a Family Membership for $40 and you and your friend / partner can share the experience. You can buy these online, but if you want the actual cards, please email me and we can either mail them or maybe you can pick them up from Rogue Towers.

So, here's to a very joyous Christmas Weekend, full of music, festive food, and happy surprises. See you next year - at The Rogue!