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Thursday April 26, 2012

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Hi everyone

What a fantastic weekend we had at April In Paris! Such amazing bands! My abiding memory is of three "gypsy" guitarists (including Van Django's Budge Schachte) sitting on the benches on the porch at St. James Hall, long after the audience and volunteers had gone, jamming away on Django tunes. The building was empty and we were locking up, and then we heard the music! It reverberated off the empty building in the construction zone across the street, and it was a perfect ending for our 6th annual festival of gypsy jazz. (I was a bit disappointed that they weren't still there when I went back the next afternoon to return some sound equipment .)

So, what's next at The Rogue?

Well, tonight we have the delectable vocal harmonies of those gorgeous Ontario girls The Good Lovelies. Next week we present the brilliant Blues / Roots renaissance man Michael Jerome Browne from Montreal, and then it's the Rogue's 25th Jubilee Weekend (with Jayme Stone - the Yo Yo ma of the Banjo with his fine band on May 11 and then the Anniversary Show itself, with Jim Byrnes, The Sojourners, Steve Dawson and C.R. Avery taking us down a few diverse memory lanes on May 12) Full details of all our shows on the Concert Calendar.

1. The Good Lovelies, Thursday April 26th, 8pm, St. James Hall (3214 West 10th Avenue)

Let The Rain Fall is the rather topical title of The Good Lovelies' latest CD. It was released almost a year ago, a few weeks after their triumphant Rogue debut in January. We had no idea what to expect, but ticket sales rocketed along and the place was absolutely packed last year. Admittedly it was a Friday night, as opposed to a Thursday this time, but even though we didn't know how well known this trio was, it was a full house and very few bands have sold out on their debut appearance.

So what's so special about these young women?

When you hear them sing you are immediately captivated by their glorious harmonies. When you see them on stage you are instantly charmed and enchanted by their beauty and their infectious smiles. And in between songs they have such a great rapport with the audience and each other, and it all adds up to a top notch Show, with a capital S. And the songs!! So many catchy songs, singable, memorable choruses, and such a playful sense of fun that shines through, even on the more reflective numbers there's a hint of a glint in their eyes as they pour out their hearts. Make no mistake, this is one of Canada's finest bands; the sort of band that brings this country together around a radio set (or an iPod and speakers!) carrying on a long tradition of storytellers and humorists in song that stretches back down the years to Connie Kaldor, Stan Rogers, Gordon Lightfoot and even Stephen Leacock. Tickets are selling fast, and it might even be a sold out show again, so grab a ticket online or come down to the show a little early - just to be on the safe side! Doors open at 7pm.

More information on

2. The Edge On Folk - and Pacific Pickin' - on CiTR fm 101.9

I'll have new music by Canadian artists like Del Barber, Van Django, Denis Chang, Le Vent Du Nord, Linda McRae, Michael Jerome Browne, Jayme Stone, and Fred Eaglesmith, plus lots of surprises. Please join me for the Beltane / May Day edition of The Edge On Folk, this Saturday from 8am to noon on CiTR fm 101.9 and

On Tuesday - at 6am!!! - I'll be hosting CiTR's Bluegrass show, Pacific Pickin'. The show runs for two hours, and even I have no idea what's coming this week!

See you at The Rogue!