Vancouver Folk Music Festival Tickets

We've had numerous requests for discount tickets for the 2017 Vancouver Folk Music Festival, so here's the deal: this is the 40th anniversary of the festival, which runs July 13th - 16th at Jericho Beach Park. There's a scintillating line-up  and we will once again offer group discount Early Bird tickets to our members. N.BOur Early Bird Ticket deadline is June 8th, 2017. We must receive your payment by this date.

We hope to receive enough orders for Adult Weekend passes and also Seniors Weekend and Student Weekend Passes, so the prices will be as follows:
  • Adult Weekend Pass     $147 including s/c (Regular price $162.40 including s/c)
  • Senior Weekend Pass    $119 including s/c (Regular price $131.65 including s/c)
  • Student Weekend Pass $119 including s/c (Regular price $131.65 including s/c)

In order to obtain this discount you must be a fully paid up member of The Rogue as of July 16th 2017. Members may purchase as many tickets as you like for your friends and family, but we need all the payment up front, preferably in the same cheque.

This year we have decided not to offer these tickets online as we would have to either absorb the cost of our own service charges from our ticket provider or pass these costs on to you, which would eat up half the discount we are offering.

So, you can ONLY purchase these tickets in person at one of our concerts (May 4, May 12, May 13, May 18, May 19, or June 2) or Contra Dances (May 6 or June 3) or at Roguelele (May 16 only).

Or, you can visit our office at 1504 Duranleau St. on Granville Island (if we're not there, just slip an envelope - with your cheque inside - under the door. We're at the top of the stairs at the back. Doors are open from 9am to 6pm.)

Or you can mail a cheque to Rogue Folk Club, 1504 Duranleau Street, Vancouver BC V6H 3S4. Please make all cheques payable to Rogue Folk Club (not the folk festival)

You must pick up your tickets at one of our concerts after June 9th (David Lindley at The Rio on June 11th, or Viper Central at St. James Hall on June 18th) or at our office. Please call 604-732-1305 or email to let us know when to expect you! We will not mail out your tickets, nor will we be able to hand them to you at the festival gate. (If we are able to make arrangements with the festival to have you pick them up at Will Call gate we will let you know in the next Blog.)