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33 RPM means: 33 for the number of years The Rogue has been running, R for Rogue, P for Performance and M for Memories. You will soon be able to find out who played a Rogue gig on any date over the past 33 years. You can start by checking out who played in the months of May and June over the years by going here. We hope it conjures up some great memories! More will be added over the next few weeks.  

Live from the Archives

We are proud to present three of our concerts that were videoed by Hubcast Media. Each concert can be viewed in two forms - as it appeared in a shorter form on JoyTV's OnStage show, and in it's entirety. There is an opportunity to DONATE with each of them, and all the proceeds received by Hubcast will go to the Rogue Folk Club. Enjoy!
Jim Byrnes CD release - January 2018
The East Pointers - October 2018
Russell deCarle - June 2014

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