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Monday October 15, 2012

Keep in Touch

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Hi everyone

Just a quick update tonight

1. Rogue Folk Review for October is online and available for download.

2. We had a wonderful concert last night with Jenny Ritter and Julian Dawson. Thanks to all who came along.

3. Margaret & I are on Saltspring to see Richard Thompson tomorrow night, and to do some networking; there are sure to be a lot of Gulf Island and Vancouver Island musicians and presenters at the gig!

4. Ticket Turtle, our ticket provider, is doing some major work on its website tonight, so you won't be able to buy tickets until some time on Monday. Please try again later.

5. We have two concerts this weekend, and three more next week as our 25th anniversary year comes to an incredible crescendo! Oysterband from England on Friday, and Dala from Ontario on Sunday, followed by Indian slide guitar virtuoso Debashish Bhattacharya and his trio on the 25th, James Keelaghan on the 26th and Old Man Luedecke and Stacey Earle & Mark Stuart on the 27th! If you can make it to some or preferably ALL of these concerts you will have a blast! These are some of the very best musicians and singers on the planet, the prices are very reasonable (especially if you have a Parcel O'Rogues ticket bundle) and the sound will be impeccable. These concerts really speak volumes for what The Rogue has striven to achieve over the years, and with your support we'll be able to keep it going.

Tickets for all shows are available online (once TT has sorted itself out, of course!) as well as at Highlife Records, Rufus' Guitar Shop, and you can also reserve tickets on our website.

To find out more about these incredible performers, and to hear music and see videos of them, go to our website where you will find full details of the concerts, brief bios of the bands, links to their websites and You Tube pages and much more.

Thanks for your support!