Our Fundraiser & Silent Auction

Thank you all so much for making our Fundraiser on Nomber 25th, 2017 such a rip-roaring success!

We were all very pleasantly amazed that so many people came to the first part of the evening to view the auction items and make their bids. [Pictured at left]

Many volunteers brought goodies to eat that were fabulous and very popular. It's remarkable to think that we utilized a kitchen and ran a bar, while simultaneously running a silent auction, and with live music presented by Kierah Raymond, Michael Averill, and uilleann piper Chris from Co. Tyrone - and that was just the start of the evening!

The door staff coped with a constant stream of attendees, and when we moved the whole operation upstairs there was another bar, and the other half of the silent auction, with brilliant concert performances by the Gabriel Dubreuil Trio, Stephen Fearing, Marin Patenaude, and the Honky Tonk Dilettantes.

So the event was an artistic triumph, a catering miracle, and a very successful fundraiser. Between the auction proceeds, the event tickets, cash donations, the 50/50 draw take and the bar sales, we made and surpassed our goal,

We would like to thank as well all of the people, companies and organizations who donated items for us to auction off. It was an impressive assemblage of goods, to be sure. Almost everything went out the door, carried by a happy customer. Scroll down to see a list of them all. [If your name was missed, our apologies!]

Most importantly, we couldn't have pulled this off without YOU. It was an incredible event, and a very successful one! Thank you, one and all, from the bottom of our hearts. Not only has this restored The Rogue's finances to an unprecedented level of stability, it has also reinforced the genuine love the community has for The Rogue - and you, our volunteers, supporters and members,  have made it so.

Abundant Life Counselling
Andrew Wong
Ann Mortifee
Barbara Moseley
Bea Ingram
Bill and Ellen Schwartz
Bill Hooker
Billy Whitman
Black Bear Neighbourhood Pub
Black Hen Music
Borealis Records
Brian Biddle
Carol Taylor
Chan Centre for Performing Arts
City Soul Choir
Claire McCague
Claire Vogelhut
D'Anne Davis
Dan & Ursula Bowditch
Doug & Lorraine O'Neill
DOXA Documentary Film Festival
Ellis Courtney
Erica Staples
Folk Alliance International
Gabriel Dubreuil
Glen & Midori Head
HarperOne Publishers
Havana Restaurant
Hearthstone Brewery
Highlife Records
Image West Hair Design
Island Music Festival
Jane Srivastava
Jesse Auerbach
Joe Gilling
Judith Adamick - Sutton Group West Coast Realty
Kirk McLean
Legends of The Moon
Lily Fong
Lions  Bay House Concerts
Lloyd Skelton
Lois MacKenzie
Lynda Leach
Lynn and Ernie Ledgerwood
Lynn Copeland

Margaret Hrennikoft
Martha Wisner &  Geoff Harris
Mel and Barb Lehan
Meridian Pilates Studio
Mission Folk Music Festival
Monica Jones
Morgan Guitars
Morris Biddle
Museum of Anthropology
Neville McClure
New District Wines
Olympia Pizza
Open Door Yoga
Paul Norton
Peter Bennett
Peter Zacks
REO Whitewater Rafting
Rick Martin
Rick Scott
Robert Coupe
Ron Fisher & Schula Leonard
Rose Momsen
Ruby's Ukes & Ukulele School
Sandy Perry & Teresa Cooper - Regency Realty
Sea to Sky Gondola
Sharon Lynn
Space Hog Graphics
Steamworks Beer
Steve Edge & Margaret Whale
Stony Plain Records
Sue Kingsley
Sue Malcolm's Slow Pitch Jam
Sydney Bernard
Tapestry Music
Tarot Card Reading by Irina
Terry McKenzie
Thomas Woods
Tom Coxworth
Tom Nesbit
Transat Travel - Ladner
True North Records
Vancouver Aquabus
Vancouver Folk Music Festival
Victor Harrison
Westcoast Sightseeing
WIP Wearables
Yan Frenkel
Yee Chan