Parcels O'Rogues

Rogue Folk Club Season Tickets

1) Flexible Family Use. Our special Parcel O'Rogues "family tickets" are transferable among family members living in the same household, allowing you and your family to enjoy discounted admission to our St. James Hall shows.

2) Supporting our Home Venue. Parcels O'Rogues will be valid at St. James Hall only*, as the Rogue Folk Club does not benefit financially from sponsoring shows at other venues. Your continued support of our St. James Hall concert series will help to boost our bottom line and keep us in the business of bringing great artists to the Rogue.

* - they may also be valid for shows at CBC Studio 700, Revue Theatre or other venues from time to time. Please check the show listing.

3) The Privileges of Membership. Parcels O'Rogues are available only to Rogue members, at these special prices:

Any 10 shows   $179

4) A Year of Great Entertainment. Parcels O'Rogues are available year-round and are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

Where To Pick Up Your Parcel O'Rogues:

Pick up your Parcel at the membership table at the first Rogue event you attend after purchasing.

Online reservation form - if you already have a season ticket you can reserve for a concert now.

Where to Buy

  • BUY ONLINE through Arts People
  • In person at the membership table of any Rogue event.
  • By mail: send a cheque payable to Rogue Folk Club, along with your name, address, city, province/state, and postal code, to:

    Rogue Folk Club
    1504 Duranleau St
    Vancouver BC
    V6H 3S4 

How to Use

You can use your Parcel O'Rogues to gain admission to most Rogue Folk shows at St. James Hall for yourself and all family members living in the same household. (Certain shows may not qualify.) All persons must be fully paid-up Rogue Folk Club members, and each person is counted as one separate "show" on the Parcel. So if it's for yourself, it will count as one show, if it's for yourself and one other, it will count as two shows.

To use your Parcel O'Rogues you must reserve your seat at least 7 days before the event you wish to attend - otherwise we cannot guarantee that you'll get a seat. Call the Rogue Hotline at 604-736-3022 and specify that you'll be using your Parcel O'Rogues.

At the concert, present both your Parcel O'Rogues and your membership card to the ticket counter in order to gain admission. At St. James Hall, you may use the Express Entrance.