The Rogue Folk Club presents

Anna & Elizabeth

accompanied by Eli West




3214 West 10th Ave, Kitsilano

Accessible All ages

This event has already taken place.


"These young women follow in the footsteps of many of our idols and mentors who've gone before,and they do them proud." - Alice Gerrard

"They are at the heart of what we call traditional. I am so impressed with not only their talent, but also their commitment." - Ginny Hawker

Their show is a captivating mix of ballads, foot-stomping dance tunes, stories and visual art. It’s a throwback, honoring the cultural and musical heritage from the hollows and old-time musicians gone but not forgotten. Their performance is unique, unforgettable. They’ve performed in house parlors and art museums, theaters in Lexington and Brooklyn and Asheville, shows in New Orleans and Boston, always with a startling professionalism and intimacy.

Their music comes from a heartfelt commitment to the mountain music tradition. Anna and Elizabeth have immersed themselves with old (and young) masters and folklorists, playing on porches and in kitchens, staying up all night to learn just one more song. Each used college to dive deep into history and archives, reading folklore and stories, listening to scratchy records of haunting voices, learning from relatives of long-gone greats. Their music has evolved; raw, sparse ballads, sweet lullabies, driving fiddle tunes and banjo songs, home music where less is more. Elizabeth’s remarkable deep mountain voice and Anna's modern one, an uncanny blend create a unique combination.

They will be accompanied by the wonderful Seattle-based guitarist and singer Eli West (he played the Rogue back in 2014 with his duo partner Cahalen Morrison).