The Rogue Folk Club presents

The StepCrew


The StepCrew (Canada/Ireland)





3214 West 10th Ave, Kitsilano

Accessible All ages

This event has already taken place.


The StepCrew is an unbelievably gifted ensemble of musicians and dancers that have come together to create a show like no other. Led by long time touring members of The Chieftains, Cara Butler and the Pilatzke Brothers Nathan and Jon, this crew will blow you away with their one of a kind take on Irish, tap and Ottawa Valley stepdance. Featuring beautiful Gaelic songs, traditional Irish tunes and original arrangements of world music, the StepCrew is a raw and enlightening showcase of live music and percussive dance as one entity. The StepCrew promises to entertain, ignite and delight, with an amazing lineup of the most sought-after musicians on the scene,  including Vancouver’s own celebrated bass player Rob Becker (Jim Byrnes, The Sojourners, Patricia Conroy, Barney Bentall & many more).

Featured in the show is Scottish vocalist Maeve MacKinnon. With a repertoire spanning Gaelic and English-language material, both traditional and contemporary, she’s won acclaim equally for the eloquent emotional connection she forges with every song, communicated in a bewitchingly honeyed, husky yet vibrantly earthy voice, and for her music’s dynamic interplay of boldness and sensitivity. "A stunning voice ... surely destined for greatness” - The Herald

“The StepCrew is a brilliant visual and musical display of the most talented dancers I’ve seen. It’s refreshing to see a performance of this style based on pure ability as the dancers are certainly nothing less than virtuosic in their respective styles. The first time I saw Jon and Nathan Pilatzke dancing with Cara Butler was the best thing I’d seen since sliced bread. Having worked with them for the last eight years has been a true tonic for The Chieftains. The StepCrew does not simply draw their audience in, they take them by the hand and remind us what dance is meant to be about – fun.” - Paddy Moloney, The Chieftains

“The StepCrew is a show that very simply, cannot be missed. The focus, energy, and sheer virtuosity on display from the entire cast is nothing short of mind-boggling. I have yet to encounter a dance show of such unique proportions, seamlessly blending the best of three different percussive styles into what can only be called a tour de force. The StepCrew is truly one of the most exciting things I have seen in a long time.” - Jean Butler of Riverdance, Dancing On Dangerous Ground

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