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Rogue Folk Club Artistic Director Steve Edge, in the studios of CiTR. Note the Manchester United cap!

Saturday February 19, 2005

(with guest apprentice hosts Karla Mundy and Keona Hammond)
#ArtistSong TitleAlbum (label)
1Patrick StreetIrish TimesMusic For A Found Harmonium (Green Linnet)
2Kandia KouyatMandekalouMalissadio (Syllart Productions)
3DioufDundSoukamatoul (Disques XXI)
4Pa JoeAfrican Guitar SummitNyame Somafo (CBC Records)
5Mighty PopoAfrican Guitar SummitMwembo (CBC Records)
6Bazar BlafRoots #24Grannlaten (fRoots)
7Joan FrancfRoots #24Angelas (fRoots)
8Mahala Rai BandafRoots #24Romni Latci (fRoots)
9Boka HalatfRoots #24Small Coals (fRoots)
10Abdullah Chhadeh & NaraSeven GatesSaltaneh (ABYC)
11Honari Family EnsembleVasheenBarak (Indie, Vancouver)
12Ale Moller BandBodjalAtlaz (Amigo)
13La MusganaTemas ProfanosLa Rueda Del Tiempo (Lubican)
14Tri-ContinentalDriftingOne Love (Tradition-Moderne)
15FreshetFreshetPurple Sea (Indie, Seattle - Finland)
16Eric BibbFriendsDance Me To The End Of Love (Tel-Arc)
17Harry ManxWest Eats MeetStir A Little Breeze (Dog My Cat)
18The WaifsBrief HistoryHighway One (Compass)
19The WaybacksBurger After ChurchSaltflat Rhapsody (Fiddling Cricket)
20NathanJimson WeedJimson Weed (Nettwerk)
21Fred EaglesmithDustyTunnel (A Major Label)
22John Reischman & The JaybirdsThe Road WestOld Reuben No. 1 (Corvus)
23CarouselBob 'N' SpinIf You Stagger (Indie, New Zealand)
24Yves Lambert & CompanieRLa Fruitiere (La Pruche Libre)
25Paris ComboMotifsMotus (Sony France)
26Yves Lambert & CompanieRMoneymusk (La Pruche Libre)
At this point, Keona and Karla - from the group Cleia - took over while I watched the footie for a bit!
27Jez LoweDoolallyThe Fan Dancer's Daughter (Tantobie)
28SolasWaiting for an EchoThe Coconut Dog - Morning Dew (Shanachie)
29DyadWho's been here since I've been goneRoustabout (Indie, Vancouver)
30MadrigaiaViva VoceNiska Banja (Indie, Winnipeg)
31Five Mile ChaseFive Mile ChaseMaids of Mitchelston (Indie, Minneapolis?)
32Bill BourneVoodoo KingBurning Candles (Indie, Alberta)
33Eivor PalsdottirEivorVid Gengum Tvo (12 Tonar, Iceland)
34The No Shit ShirleysDemoSound Bite From Beijing (Vancouver)
35Raylene RankinLambs in SpringFlowers of Saskatchewan (Indie?, Cape Breton)
36Fellini's Hat BandFellini's Hat BandSong Without Words (Indie, Edmonton)
37Kelly Joe PhelpsTap the Red Cane WhirlwindI am the Light of the World (Rykodisc)
38Linda Tillery & the Cultural Heritage ChoirSay Yo BusinessDon't Let Nobody Drag Yo Spirit Down (Earthbeat!)
39UlaliMahk JchiMahk Jchi (Indie)
40Martyn JosephRun To CoverThe Great American Novel (Pipe Records)
41Arrogant WormsToastThe Monkey Song (Festival Distribution)
42Kate McDonnellWhere The Mangoes AreMercy (Appleseed)
... and then I finished off (the game was won!)
43The Tiller's FollyA Fine Kettle Of FishMormond Braes (Indie, Vancouver)
44The CottarsOn Fire !Boholla Set (Indie?, Cape Breton)
45The Wheat In The BarleyAfter The BattleWhat We Came Here For (Indie, Vancouver)
46Andrew HardinJust Like This TrainCorn Pickin' (Indie, Texas)
47Tom RussellIndians Cowboys Horses DogsEl Paso (Hightone)
48Kim BarlowluckyburdenGet In The Car (Caribou Records)
(Next week Karla and Keona will be aided and abetted by Norah Rendell, another member of Cleia, while I am swanning about at the Folk Alliance in Montreal!)