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Kym Gouchie









3214 West 10th Ave, Kitsilano

Accessible All ages

$32 in Advance | $37 at the Door

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Expanding on the essence of Kym Gouchie's profound impact through music and storytelling to bridge cultural divides, we delve deeper into the narrative of a woman who stands as a pillar of cultural resonance. Kym Gouchie, a luminary in her own right, is not only celebrated for her musical talents but also for her passion and dedication to her Indigenous heritage. Her life's work is a journey of reclamation, reconciliation, a heartfelt quest to rediscover and fully embrace the essence of her ancestral roots, as well as being a strong voice for those who need a platform; making her story one of inspiration and deep cultural significance. Kym is a respected elder-in-training of the Lheidli T’enneh Nation, also known as Prince George, BC, and is sought after to perform and speak at traditional welcoming ceremonies, cultural gatherings, schools, and conferences.

As a devoted mother of four, grandmother of ten, and auntie to many, Kym's life is rich with the knowledge and wisdom passed down through generations. Her role cements her position as a central figure embodying the core values of family, community, and tradition. It's through her music, storytelling, and advocacy that Kym echoes the voices of her people as she guides others towards a genuine understanding of Indigenous heritage, being a guide for those who seek to understand and appreciate the depth of Indigenous culture.

Kym Gouchie is recognized for her versatility as an artist, showcasing her talents across multiple mediums. As a musician, storyteller, and songwriter, her performances are more than just a display of artistic prowess; they are a cultural bridge. These performances unite diverse audiences, creating shared experiences through the universal language of song and narrative. Beyond her artistic endeavors, Kym actively serves as a cultural liaison on various boards, advocating for the rights and representation of Indigenous peoples with unwavering commitment and passion.

Her artistic expression also finds a canvas in painting, where Kym vividly portrays her connection to the land and her ancestors. Through all forms of her art and music, she captures the inherent beauty and wisdom of her heritage, proudly representing her nation as a Cultural Ambassador. This role is emblematic of her deep-seated reverence for the natural world and her commitment to embodying the spirit of Mother Earth.

Recognition of Kym's efforts to preserve Indigenous traditions and foster connections with her ancestors has been significant. Among her accolades is the Stingray Rising Star Award, which serves as a tribute to her role as both a cultural mentor and advocacy through her music. Her tireless work ensures that Indigenous voices are not only heard but respected, paving the way for authentic learning and understanding.

Kym Gouchie's contribution to the arts and her community transcends mere performance. It is a powerful testament to the role of art and storytelling in bridging divides and fostering understanding. Her work inspires others to recognize and embrace the richness of Indigenous culture, inviting them to join her on a transformative journey of healing, reconciliation, and celebration. In every facet of her life and work, Kym Gouchie embodies the essence of a cultural beacon, illuminating the path toward a more inclusive and understanding world through the power of music and storytelling.

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