The Rogue Folk Club presents

Miscellany of Folk









3214 West 10th Ave, Kitsilano

Accessible All ages

$32 in Advance | $37 at the Door

(NO service charges)

Parcel O'Rogues holders RESERVE ONLINE

$15 - Watch at Home

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Formed in 2022, Miscellany Of Folk is a captivating touring act that brings together three talented musicians hailing from Ireland and Newfoundland. Each member of the band brings a wealth of diverse music and life experiences to the concert stage. With impressive accomplishments in both touring and studio recording, they are consummate professional music makers. With decades of experience performing around the world, their music traverses the Atlantic Ocean, spanning from the Emerald Isle to North America. 

Their amiable performance is set to take you on an heartwarming and lucid musical journey through the vast world of folk music Miscellany Of Folk offers a powerful and well-arranged repertoire of thoughtfully crafted songs and foot- stomping instrumental music. Their dynamic and intimate concerts are filled with emotion, colour and fun. The band's acoustic sound blends the tones of accordion, fiddle, guitar, bodhran, mandola, resonant vocals, and sweet harmonies. 

“Having known of the lads work in other contexts and bands over the years I was genuinely blown away by their live concert performance, effortless tunes, passionate songs and an easy going relaxed rapport with the audience. I came away humming tunes and knowing a lot more about folk and traditional music, in my book that's a win. Miscellany of Folk is now on my radar for 2023.” - Sean Laffey, Irish Music Magazine 

At the core of Miscellany Of Folk are three exceptional musicians. Celebrated multi-instrumentalist Billy Sutton, hailing from Harbour Grace in Newfoundland, joins forces with accordion maestro Benny McCarthy from Co.Waterford in Ireland, known for his work with Danú. Rounding out the trio is Eddie Costello, a singing powerhouse and guitarist from the historic county of Tipperary in Ireland. United by their deep love for music and their shared passion for creating new arrangements and sounds, they collectively bring a fresh perspective to the folk genre. 

The band's music possesses a rustic and earthy feel, evoking both heartfelt and beautiful sentiments. Their intimate and engaging style draws listeners in, creating a captivating experience. Individually, Billy, Benny, and Eddie have recently released highly regarded solo albums, each showcasing their unique styles and traditions. However, when their talents merge, the sum becomes greater than its parts, resulting in the captivating and harmonious ensemble known as Miscellany Of Folk. 

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