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Wednesday June 18, 2008

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Hi everyone

Margaret and I are on the road in Austria and Germany right now. We have another week or so and then will be back for The Edge On Folk on June 28th and the Ray Bonneville concert that night.

Check out the News page for details of our folk festival ticket deals. The deadline for Early Bird tickets for the Vancouver Folk Music Festival is this Friday. Please call the office on 604-732-1305 or email us to get your order in if you haven't already done so. After Friday the price goes up a lot, and we won't be able to backdate orders.

We are adding concerts to the schedule all the time. Lots of really exciting shows in prospect. Keep checking our website for updates.

Big thanks to Linda Bull and Ita Kane-Wilson for filling on The Edge On Folk. I haven't been able to tune in as the wifi here is very sporadic. When I can get it, the iTouch is amazing! It can do so many things. Of course, Apple are launching the iPhone in Canada next month, so that changes everything again!

Better get some sleep. We are off to Germany for more fairy-tale castles in the morning. Neuschwanstein, for one, if you want to look it up. Haven't heard much music over here, but there was a rather good accordion player atop Zug Spitz mountain this evening (indoors!) I can certainly hear the German influence in Mexican Nortena music now. I kept expecting a Los Lobos song.

Cheers for now
See you all next weekend.