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Special Deal for Early Bird Folk Festival tickets
Sunday May 18, 2014

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Every year we offer our members the chance to buy Early Bird tickets to the Vancouver Folk Music Festival. These tickets are at a discounted price and they have to be paid for around a month before the festival.

This year the Vancouver Folk Music Festival runs July 18-20 at Jericho Beach Park.

Early Bird Weekend Tickets are usually $143 through the VFMF website. We are offering  them for $130, on sale until midnight Sunday June 8th 2014.

This year we are only selling them online through our website. Only current Rogue Folk members can purchase tickets so make sure your membership is up to date before trying to purchase your tickets online. The website will allow you to buy them only if your membership is current.

Click on this link to go to the page where you can buy them: BUY VANCOUVER FOLK FEST TICKETS HERE!

Disregard any coments about discounts for seniors, students, etc... these do not apply. The price is $130 for everyone. If you are a senior, student or child, it is cheaper to purchase directly form the VFMF website.

Please note that the receipt you get for the ticket is NOT the ticket itself and cannot be used to get into the festival. Shortly after the deadline, the Vancouver Folk Music Festival will email you your actual ticket in the form of a scanable barcode. You must use this and not the Rogue receipt othewise they will not let you in!

In case you have trouble booking your tickets online call 604-732-1305 or email the office: