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Hot Music from Denmark and Cape Breton to kick off the New Year!
Wednesday January 6, 2016

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Aloha from Kailua-Kona! We're taking a much-needed break in warmer climes before the busy season kicks off again later this month!

We had an incredible year in 2015, and I want to thank all the staff and volunteers and artists and sound engineers and audience members who contributed to such an amazing year! We started the year with 7 straight sold out shows! Not bad considering I started the year in New Zealand and Australia. I hope this is a good omen, with me starting the year in Hawaii this time!

One of the The Rogue's most vital functions is to give Vancouver audiences a chance to hear some exceptional music - at an affordable price and in a comfortable venue with great sound. We are very proud of our record of presenting some of the most respected and popular artists and especially in presenting artists for the first time. 

In keeping with this approach, we have several concerts at the start of 2016 featuring artists who have never played here before. Which is not to say that they are without a big following elsewhere, and we definitely believe you will love their music! It's nice to see people booking tickets to see stalwarts like David Francey (April 7th), Old Man Luedecke (February 5th), and John Reischman & The Jaybirds (January 30th). What would make 2016 even more special is if we had a full house for the next few shows. Don't forget that you can save money on concerts by becoming a member, and save even more by then purchasing a 10, 20 or even 30 concert ticket package (Parcel O' Rogues). We will soon have to increase the price of a family membership and of a Parcel O'Rogues, but for the month of January you can still purchase these at the "old" price of $40 for a Family Membership for 12 months, and $149 for a 10-pack Parcel, $269 for a 20-pack parcel, or $369 for a 30-pack. On February 1st the price of a Family membership will rise to $50 and the Parcels will go up to $159, $305, and $395 respectively. So book now, support The Rogue, and give yourself and your family a great musical treat that lasts a whole year!

Oh yes, we hope to be able to announce a deal to save St. James Hall in the next few weeks! So, that's another reason to celebrate with music!


1. Kristian Bugge, Sonnich Lydom & Morten Alfred Hoirup, Friday January 15th 8pm, St. James Hall (3214 West 10th Avenue)
Three master musicians from Denmark will kick off the New Year at The Rogue. Some of you will have seen Kristian Bugge playing fiddle at the Mission Folk Festival last summer, or with the incredible Danish party band Habadekuk at the Vancouver Folk Music Festival a couple of years ago. You may also have seen Morten Alfred Hoirup - a brilliant guitarist - at The Rogue with Harald Haugaard, or at Mission or Vancouver with Karen Mose and Harald H and Helene Blum. A few of you might even have seen Sonnich Lydom playing accordion and harmonica with the excellent quintet ULC at Folk Alliance 2001. Whether you have seen them before or not, we strongly recommend this trio for any fans of Celtic or Scandinavian music - or acoustic music or dance music in general! These guys are fabulous musicians, and together they make a joyful sound as they lead us on a fascinating and exhilarating journey around the rich traditions of Danish music.

Playing a short opening set is another newcomer to The Rogue, the celebrated American harp guitarist Muriel Anderson (don't miss this chance to see a harp guitar, and to hear it played with such aplomb!) She was the first woman to win the prestigious Fingerstyle Guitar Championship at Winfield, KS, and is a very versatile and entertaining performer. We hope that this will be the start of another wonderful musical relationship!

For tickets and information visit

2. J.P. Cormier, Sunday January 17th 8pm, St. James Hall (3214 West 10th Avenue)
We caught up with the amazing Cape Breton guitarist and singer / songwriter J.P. Cormier at the recent Celtic Colours Festival in Cape Breton. While we were there another celebrated Nova Scotia songwriter Dave Gunning (who plays The Rogue on June 3rd) reminded us that his first Rogue gig was as bassist accompanying J.P. Cormier back in 1997! Looking through Roguestory - which lists all Rogue performers over the years - we were astonished to find that J.P.'s most recent Rogue gig was in 1999. With the big man having released a superb new collection of songs - The Chance - only last year, and with him sounding so amazing, we jumped at our chance to bring him back. The man is equally at home on any of the stringed instruments, but mostly plays guitar these days. He covers all the bases from traditional Celtic tunes to Jerry Reed and Chet Atkins classics, and Doc Watson tributes - all played with reverence and astonishing dexterity. Setting such tunes alongside his powerful story songs (Kelly's Mountain, The Fisherman's Daughter, The Legend Of MacArthur's Mine, and the timely song of the tough times faced by our war veterans - Hometown Battlefield) - a J.P. Cormier concert is a whirlwind of musical excellence and emotional catharsis! I swear he plays two tunes at the same time on one guitar once he gets into high gear! Come and witness this phenomenal musician for yourself!

For tickets and more information go to

3. Coming Soon to The Rogue
January 22nd  - The Revelers (hot Zydeco, Swamp Pop and R&B from Louisiana)
January 23rd  Lydia Hol (Vancouver songwriter launches new CD Heading North)
January 27th - Le Vent Du Nord (Quebec quartet who just won a Felix Award for their latest CD, Tetu)
January 30th - John Reischman & The Jaybirds (Hot bluegrass / acoustic combo from BC and the Pacific NW)
January 31st - Aurelio (Catchy, melodic Afro-Caribbean roots music from Honduras. Co-presented with Capilano Uni at St. James Hall)

February 5th - Old Man Luedecke (popular NS songwriter, whose latest CD, Domestic Eccentric, is a big hit on CBC and Campus radio)
February 11th - Jeff Lang (celebrated Australian singer songwriter. Another co-presentation with Cap at St. James Hall)
February 13th - Coig (superb Celtic combo from Cape Breton. I reckon they are the finest Celtic band Canada has ever produced!)
February 25th - Bumper Jacksons (DC combo blending vintage jazz with originals, blues, Tom Waits covers and more! Very exciting!
February 26th - Eilen Jewell (midwest songwriter w/ great new CD - Sundown Over Ghost Town - & fab band w/ guitar wiz Jerry Miller)
February 27th - Oliver Swain's Big Machine (Victoria combo presenting Ollie's songs and some stunning musicianship!)

March 3rd The Bills (Victoria string quintet returns with a new CD in this rare concert appearance.)
March 13th - Sharon Shannon (mercurial Irish accordionista with trio. Co-presented with the Vancouver Celtic Festival at St. James Hall)
March 22nd  De Danann (legendary Irish trad band also co-presented with The Vancouver Celtic Festival at St. James Hall)

all this and much more to come. Please visit our website on a regular basis for the latest news, concert announcements, and a whole lot more!

4. Radio Waves
Paul Norton will be filling on for me on The Edge On Folk this Saturday from 8am to noon on CiTR fm 101.9 in Vancouver and everywhere else too.

I'll be back the following week, with a feature on J.P.Cormier and another on The Revelers. Maybe some Hawaiian music too. Tune in and find out!

Meanwhile, Radio Rogue has a new playlist featuring music by upcoming Rogues and a few new releases too. 

Aloha! Have a great week! See you at The Rogue!