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A Tribute To Leon Rosselson / Two Incredible Trios / A Huge Month Of Roguery!!
Saturday April 1, 2017

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Leon Rosselson is one of England's most celebrated folk songwriters. He last appeared in Vancouver at the Folk Music Festival a few years ago and is no longer touring abroad. Three Vancouver musicians have got together to celebrate some of his music and to send him a video recording of the concert. Marisa Orth-Pallavaciniis an old friend of Leon and his best friend Roy Bailey and she has enlisted two of Vancouver's finest jazz musicians, Jennifer Scott & Rene Worst, to join her. (Rene played a Rogue gig back in 1987, with Rick Scott at The Savoy. I think this will be only his second Rogue gig!) The trio recently recorded an album's worth of Leon's songs, but it has not been released. 
Instead, there is a special Raffle prize: a 4 CD Box Set of some of Leon's best compositions.
Radio Waves
On this week's April Fools edition of The Saturday Edge On FolkI'll have some songs to suit the occasion, plus new releases from Orchestra Baobab, The Waifs, Quiles & Cloud, The Bumper Jacksons, Andy Hillhouse, Eric Bibb, Amelia Curran, Fraser & Haas, Jayme Stone, Viper Central, and more music collected at the recent Folk Alliance Conference in Kansas City. 

Plus previews of upcoming Rogue shows, of course! 

I interviewed Carlos Nunez yesterday for the show, but the recording didn't work! Maybe I can get him to call in to the show. The great Galician piper is bringing his amazing band - with three new members playing Basque accordion, medieval Galician fiddle, and singing - plus BC's Cape Breton fiddler Mairi Rankin - to The Vogue Theatre on Friday April 7th.

I hope you can tune in and turn me on. 
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I just realized that I will be hosting the show on Canada's Sesquicentennial - July 1st, so I will have an all-Canadian show that day. Please send suggestions for Canadian songs you would like me to include. You can email me on

Radio Rogue is on the air all day and all of the night and I will be updating the playlist this coming week. Meanwhile there are over 1,100 songs to check out.