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Two Great Nights Of Canadiana at The Rogue House
Wednesday October 18, 2017

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1. Rick Scott & Nico Rhodes, plus Steph Cameron, Thursday October 19th, 7:30pm, St. James Hall (3214 West 10th Avenue)

This will be a superb night of B.C. Roguery! 

Please note the early start: 7:30pm
6:30PM – Doors
7:30PM – Steph Cameron
8:30PM – Rick Scott & Nico Rhodes

Roots & Grooves is the name of the duo and of their debut CD together. Rick Scott is the consummate entertainer and Nico Rhodes is an exceptional pianist and arranger. Here they are recorded live, last week, in Powell River. 

Roots & Grooves reinvent Pied Pumkin favourite PEOPLE I LOVE YOU at Cranberry Hall in Powell River Oct 13.


Veteran dulcimer maverick and young keyboard ace join forces for an intergenerational smorgasbord of roots, rhythm and groove!

What do you get when you combine a famed folkie with a rising star seasoned expertise and youthful exuberance old school groove with Broadway chops? Rick Scott and Nico Rhodes blur all boundaries. Iin a word, (well okay - two words) they cook!

Rick Scott emerged in the ‘70s in the iconic folk trio Pied Pumkin. Since then he has released 18 recordings and performed his highly original music in nine countries, earning three Juno nominations and Vancouver Island, Western Canadian and Canadian Folk Music Awards. Singer, songwriter, actor and raconteur, he is legendary for his capacity to combine music and humour to uplift and refresh the human spirit.

Nico Rhodes is astonishing, not just an accompanist, you have to hear and see him caress, cajole and at times almost punish the piano. Breathtakingly fresh sounds and style radiate from this young musician whose hands effortlessly fly across a keyboard leaving us in utter amazement and jumping to our feet at the end of a solo!

This collaboration has been decades in the making. At age 8 Nico wrote Rick a fan letter and at age 23 he orchestrated Rick’s music for symphony. Equally proficient on keyboards and woodwinds, he’s in constant demand across Canada as an arranger and musical director for stage shows from Chemainus to Ontario, when not playing jazz with his own trio or touring with renowned chanteuse Joelle Rabu.


Steph Cameron's music and lifestyle seem to echo another time and place. Think of the beatniks in the '50s, hitchhiking and hopping freight freights. Think Greenwich Village circa 1963, and the beginning of the Dylan-fueled folk explosion, or a late '60s commune in northern California perhaps. In fact, Steph Cameron and her community of like-minded friends have made their own time and place, right here, right now. They have chosen to share music and ideas around the campfire, or by candlelight within the rural cabins they have built themselves.

Lyrically, Steph’s songs dig deep, drawing upon the experiences and lessons learned from a fascinatingly nomadic and sometimes turbulent lifestyle. Born in Saskatoon, she has since spent time living in East Vancouver, Vancouver Island, and now the Kootenay region of the B.C. interior, as well as logging serious miles traversing the country.

For tickets and further details, click here

2. Little Miss Higgins, Friday October 20th, 8pm, St. James Hall (3214 West 10th Avenue)

Little Miss Higgins (aka Jolene Higgins) was born in Brooks, Alberta, and raised in Independence, Kansas. Music entered her life early. “When I was about four my dad bought this old piano at a local bar,” she recalls. “It was a mini grand piano. He brought it home and told me it was mine. I carved my name in the side and started taking piano lessons.”

Growing up playing piano, Higgins now uses guitar and voice as her main instruments as well as her theatre background to bring a “refreshing sound and story to the stage.” She spent a number of years after studying theatre at a college in Alberta, roaming Western Canada, acting in plays, frequenting blues clubs and playing her guitar. Higgins finally settled down in Saskatchewan and that’s when music took the driver’s seat.

Her stage name, Little Miss Higgins, suits the undeniably inflammatory mix of her blues and country music repertoire but the moniker was largely accidental. “When I moved to Saskatchewan in 2002 I started hanging out with this Greek guy,” she recalls “He started calling me Little Miss Higgins so I used it on poster for a gig I was doing and it just stuck.”

As a songwriter, she has been influenced by a range of artists from Memphis Minnie, Billie Holiday, Big Bill Broonzy to Joni Mitchell, Dolly Parton and Bob DylanNow, along with motherhood, Higgins has the newest addition to her list of accomplishments. She has just launched a great CD - her sixth - with her new trio: My Home, My Heart. (For the second successive night, The Rogue will feature a brilliant piano player.)

For more details - and tickets - click here

3. Harry Manx, Saturday October 21st, 8pm, The Vogue - FREE Tickets!!

Complimentary tickets available to see B.C. blues legend Harry Manx in Vancouver!!
We are pleased to announce that beginning today Harry is ‘gifting’ a large number complimentary tickets to enable Rogues to see Harry Manx & The Yaletown Strings at the Vogue Theatre on Saturday Oct 21st!  

This show is Harry’s final show before leaving for a European tour, and they still have seats available. Harry wants to gift many of the remaining tickets to the good "Rogue" folks of Vancouver (or wherever you’re from!). Please join us for an amazing evening of ‘Indian Spiced Blues meets Classical.’

For complimentary tickets please contact:
The code is:  Q9Y7GDWP

For those who have purchased tickets, we thank you and appreciate your patronage, you will be gifted Harry’s latest recording ‘Faith Lift’. Simply present your ticket at the concert to redeem your CD.
The program will include Harry Manx and The Yaletown Strings performing songs from Harry’s latest CD ‘Faith Lift’ (originally recorded in Australia with the Sydney Opera House Strings). This show has toured across Canada with stops at the Montreal Jazz fest, Koerner Hall in Toronto and the Banff Centre in Alberta.We will be donating a percentage of all profits from CD’s and tickets to the BC Children’s Hospital.